EA recommends that players should bid any high value items in minimum option which they would be willing to accept for the items at a fair price during the downtime with FUT 15.

Knowing when the interruption will take place and to bid on as many inexpensive cards as possible immediately are the keys of this method. To utilize this method optimally, players should focus on the items biding for and the timing of bidding.

What items should bid for?

Biding on a large number of cards is encouraged because many of them will be eventually overcome. While considering the budget, players must bid intelligently.

Biding cards with large profit margins:It will be too hard to find cards like Messi and Ronaldo which are rarely offered for sale with a low starting price to make a bid. Instead, find cards whose prices are players at least 50% below from those who worth tens of thousands of coins can be a good choice to bid.


Biding cards with large quantities in the market:Filtering cards with large quantities in the market will make work easier when identifying the normal value of these cards and judging if having more bargains.

Biding cards that others usually don't bid on:That's, differentiate yourself in the filters by biding on cards that players usually only bid at the end of the auction will decrease the possibility that someone will exceed the offer.First many are put up for sale for 150 coins for allowing a reasonable profit. Then it is possible to bid on dozens of these cards in just a few minutes for existing in large quantities. Finally, most players only bid on these cards in the last seconds of an auction, so it's a good niche to keep its price low until there. If the auction is over before the ending of the outage, players may be able to buy dozens of cards with a profit of a few thousand cheap fifa 15 coins to each one.